Club Rules For Play

For general Rules of Play please refer to the SCGA’s rules .
“Special” Moorpark Golf Club Club Rules of Play are as follows:
POSTING PROMPTLY – Moorpark Golf Club members are expected to promptly post scores from club tournaments using either the computer at the course or using SCGA’s Net Post .
POSTING “TOURNAMENT ROUNDS” – Unless the Tournament Director specifically designates one of the monthly tournaments as an official SCGA “Tournament”, when posting their scores, members should answer “No” when prompted “Was This a Tournament Round?”.
WINTER RULES – Only when the Tournament Director specifies that “Winter Rules” are applicable for a specific tournament, a ball lying in the fairway may, without penalty, be moved or lifted, cleaned and placed within six inches of where it originally lay, but not nearer the hole and not in a hazard or on a putting green. A player may move or place their ball once and, after the ball has been so moved or placed, it is in play. A ball off the fairway must be played as it lies according to USGA or local course rules that normally apply.
RANGE FINDERS & GPS – Unless specifically forbidden during selected tournaments (i.e. Club Championship), the use of range finders, GPS, and locating devices provided by the course or individual players are permitted.
Approach – Usually played on a Par 5 hole, the third stroke, even if is a putt, is the approach stroke. If played on a Par 4 hole, the second stroke would be the approach stroke. No course handicaps are used.
Closest-To-Pin – Only on selected Par 3 holes using the first stroke. If the marker has a measuring tape, the measurement is from the closest side of the pin to the closest side of the ball and the recorded measurement & name are placed on the marker off the green. If there is no measuring tape, the name is placed on the marker and the marker placed where the ball came to rest. Marker is to be placed on the backside of the ball away from the pin. No course handicaps are used.
Longest Drive – Longest first drive off the tee that rests in the fairway. No course handicaps are used.
Putts (Fewest) – The player has made his first putt once he has made a stroke from the putting green and all subsequent strokes are counted as putts. Even if the ball should go off the green or into a trap and the player uses a club other than a putter, it counts as a putt stroke. The winner is the player with the fewest number of putts. No course handicaps are used.
Skins – A skin is awarded to a player who earned the lowest actual net score on a hole, with no ties. In the event that no skins are awarded in a tournament, the prize is carried over to the next tournament and added to the new skins jackpot. The fewer skins won, the more each one is worth. As the skins are based on net scores, players must have an established index to participate in skins and the course handicap is used to calculate net scores.