To play in a tournament, you must be registered to play. To be registered to play, the Club must have received you tournament fees and a registration form prior to the sign-up Deadline noted in the Tournament Schedule.

Click on the Venue for the event.
Print out the Sign-Up form.
Fill out the Sign-Up form and mail (or drop off) the form and a check for the Total Tournament Fees to the address indicated.
The Sign-up form includes info regarding Side Bets. You must include the money for all of the Side Bets you wish to participate in, with your Tournament Entry form and fees.
The Sign-Up form also provides a space for you to indicate who you would like to be paired with. The Tournament Director will use this info when setting up the Pairings listing. The Club offers no guarantee that your requested pairing will be honored. If you have particular questions or concerns about pairings, contact the Tournament Director at least one week prior to the event. Please note that Team formats sometimes makes it difficult to honor pairing requests.
Format: The format for the Tournament is usually listed on the sign-up form and/or indicated in the Notes section under Venue information on the Tournament Schedule.